Citiedge University




Chief Irukwu Onwuka is the Proprietor, Citiedge University Abuja, Nigeria. He’s a seasoned Industrialist for over 22 years in different capacity and different sectors in driving businesses and creating job opportunities.

He’s the Proprietor, Citiedge Magnet International Schools. He’s the Chairman/ CEO, Citiedge Resources Nigeria Limited, Chairman/ CEO of Citiedge Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, Chairman/ CEO of Citiedge Television, Broadcasting and Communication Limited, Chairman / CEO of Citiedge Estate Development and Properties Limited, Chairman/ CEO of Citiedge Grand Hotels and Suites Limited, Chairman of the Proposed Greatedge Microfinance Bank Limited and many more companies.

Chief Irukwu Onwuka has passion for human capital development and initiatives for wealth creation with the main purpose of giving back to the society by establishing Citiedge University to contribute immensely.

Chief Irukwu Onwuka is a trained management expert in entrepreneurship roles and has served in some multinational companies in top management positions and sole representative to some foreign large organizations.

He’s blessed with a lovely wife and 3 blessed children.